Photograph by Savagestudio
- MA Documentary Film,
BSc Biology
- director, cinematographer, editor,  scriptwriter & sound design
- vj
- photographer
- graphic designer
Tlf: (+47) 957 905 69
Photograph by Savagestudio
- graphic designer,
website developer
- graphics, sound design, assistant camera
- vj
- Multimedia developer
- Sony XDCAM PMW-EX3 HD camera
- Sony shotgun microphone ECM-673
- Miller DS20 Fluid Head Tripod
- MacPro & MacBook Pro editing studio with Final Cut Pro Studio 2
- JVC DT-V17L3D colour grading screen
- Adobe Creative Suite 4 CS4
- GoPro Hero 3 HD camera
- Module8 & Madmapper
Savagestudio focuses on creating captivating and aesthetic visualizations, combining artistic impression with conventional style, while retaining the integrity of documentary film.
Our documentary film work aims to give an accurate impression of our culturally diverse and wonderful world, an impression that is free of bias, free of prejudice, and free of judgement.
- Filming in full protective de-mining gear in a CMAC minefield in Northern Cambodia for the documentary film
CONSEQUENCES - Landmines & UXOs. September, 2009. Photographs by Alain Coquet.
- Photographing cows on a beach in Goa, South India, for the artistic montage In India I met the Cow, made from over
6800 photographs of cows. Photograph by Matthieu David.
- Julienne Rathore instructing Puja, a 15 year old street girl, and Jeremy Etienne instructing Sadam, a 15 year old street boy, and Manisha, a 12 year old street girl, for the feature film My Street - My Life. New Delhi, July 2011.
The middle photograph is taken by Mushraf, a 10 year old street boy.

- Filming in a refugee camp outside the city of Goma in North Kivu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in October 2012.
Photographs by Savagestudio.